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John Kirriemuir

John Kirriemuir is a researcher and consultant, specialising in the use of digital games in education and health. He is a former researcher at UKOLN and former editor of Ariadne. He is interested in methods to measure the effectiveness of educational games, and the psychology underpinning badges and gamified work and learning processes.

John Kirriemuir on Twitter: @Wordshore

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August 2014

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 33.

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The Second Life of UK Academics

John Kirriemuir introduces a series of studies investigating how the Second Life environment is being used in UK Higher and Further Education.

issue53 October 2007

anglia ruskin university, avatar, becta, browser, coventry university, digital media, e-learning, eduserv, further education, hefce, ict, imperial college london, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, leeds metropolitan university, linden lab, nesta, research, search technology, second life, university of aberdeen, university of derby, university of hertfordshire, university of huddersfield, university of hull, university of liverpool, university of oxford, university of strathclyde, university of the west of england, university of the west of scotland, url, visualisation, web browser, wikipedia

Editorial Introduction to Issue 46: Ten Years of Pathfinding

John MacColl, Lorcan Dempsey and John Kirriemuir reflect in turn on the rationale and history of the founding of Ariadne.

issue46 February 2006

blog, cataloguing, dcc, digital curation, digital library, digitisation, ejournal, elib, framework, google, higher education, information retrieval, jisc, oclc, programmable web, rae, research, resource discovery, search technology, shared resource, software, theseus, ukoln, university of abertay dundee, university of edinburgh, university of sheffield, url, video

Establishing a Digital Library Centre

John Kirriemuir outlines some of the issues for the establishment of digital library centres in UK Higher Education institutions.

issue29 October 2001

archives, birmingham city university, british library, cataloguing, cerlim, copyright, data, database, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, dner, e-learning, edina, eevl, elib, further education, higher education, ict, ilrt, infrastructure, jisc, manchester metropolitan university, metadata, rae, research, resource discovery, rslp, sosig, south bank university, standards, subject gateway, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of strathclyde, url

Virtual Training Suite Launch

John Kirriemuir reports on the Edinburgh stage of the launch of the RDN's Virtual Training Suite.

issue28 June 2001

data, edina, eevl, heriot-watt university, higher education, jisc, kings college london, newcastle university, research, university of edinburgh, url, video

Convergence of Electronic Entertainment and Information Systems

John Kirriemuir explores the technology and impact of expanding internet access.

issue23 March 2000

acorn, authentication, bbc, bibliographic data, browser, copyright, database, digital library, dvd, geospatial data, gis, graphics, higher education, internet explorer, jisc, microsoft, mobile, mp3, mpeg, multimedia, open university, operating system, privacy, research, search technology, software, standardisation, standards, university of strathclyde, url, video, visualisation, web browser, windows, wireless, wireless application profile, zip

OMNI: Accessing the Internet

John Kirriemuir writes about an informal survey of Internet Access in the NHS.

issue20 June 1999

cataloguing, copyright, data, multimedia, nhs, resource discovery, search technology, standards, university of nottingham, url

OMNI Corner: Information or Hysteria, "Talking sensibly" in the Biomedical Field

John Kirriemuir outlines current areas of concern in: Information or Hysteria? "Talking sensibly" in the biomedical field.

issue19 March 1999

archives, cataloguing, data, database, eevl, elib, java, metadata, research, resource description, resource discovery, search technology, software, sosig, subject gateway

eLib: How Was It for You?

John Kirriemuir reviews the eLib programme

issue18 December 1998

cache, copyright, eevl, elib, jisc, mailbase, research, sosig, url

Clifford Lynch in Interview

Clifford Lynch, the Executive Director of CNI, was interviewed by John Kirriemuir at the Metadata: What Is It? workshop on 18 June 1997. Clifford shares some views on mirroring, caching, metadata, Z39.50 and how he sees his role in CNI.

issue10 July 1997

arl, authentication, bibliographic data, bibliographic database, british library, browser, cache, cd-rom, cni, coalition for networked information, copyright, data, database, dublin core, framework, ftp, information retrieval, infrastructure, library management systems, metadata, oclc, pics, research, search technology, software, ukoln, web browser, z39.50

Web Editorial: Goodbyeee

The Web editor, John Kirriemuir bows out after ten Ariadne issues.

issue10 July 1997

acorn, digital library, dublin core, eevl, elib, groovy, higher education, ilrt, jisc, metadata, niss, research, search technology, sosig, ukoln

Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 8

John Kirriemuir with the editorial for the Web version of Ariadne issue 8.

issue8 March 1997

d-lib magazine, digital library, dissemination, elib, higher education, ifla, infrastructure, research, ukoln, university of bath

Down Your Way: The Natural History Museum

John Kirriemuir takes in megabytes of trilobites at the Natural History Museum.

issue8 March 1997

cd-rom, content provider, copyright, database, digitisation, dissemination, elib, imperial college london, infrastructure, london business school, metadata, multimedia, preservation, research, search technology, ukoln, university of bath

Editorial Introduction to Issue 5: Changes to Ariadne and How to Read the Web Version

The editor explains changes in Ariadne format.

issue5 September 1996

browser, cache, elib, graphics, research, web browser

Editorial Introduction to Issue 5

The editor introduces Ariadne issue 5.

issue5 September 1996

british library, browser, copyright, d-lib magazine, data, dublin core, elib, jisc, metadata, provenance, research, search technology, ukerna, ukoln, web browser

Libtech 96

John Kirriemuir and Isobel Stark with some notes and pictures from the main annual UK library exhibition: Libtech 96.

issue5 September 1996

acorn, copyright, digital library, digitisation, elib, ibm, intranet, library association, only connect, research, software, university of hertfordshire, university of oxford, university of surrey, university of the west of england, university of ulster

Sideline: Seagulls and Boomerangs

In Sideline, people give an alternative view of conference attendance. John Kirriemuir is the Information Officer for UKOLN and the editor of the Web version of Ariadne.

issue5 September 1996

mobile, ukoln

Journals Overview

The editor introduces descriptions of some journals, freely available over the Web, that may be of interest to librarians and information specialists.

issue5 September 1996

d-lib magazine, provenance, research

Editorial Introduction to Issue 4: Changes to Ariadne and How to Read the Web Version

The editor explains changes in Ariadne format.

issue4 July 1996

cache, data, digital library, dublin core, e-learning, elib, jisc, metadata, niss, preservation, research, search technology

Libtech '96: eLib goes to Libtech '96

John Kirriemuir gives a brief overview of the eLib presence at the Libtech '96 event.

issue4 July 1996

alt, british library, copyright, data, de montfort university, digitisation, e-learning, ejournal, elib, loughborough university, research, search technology, university of hertfordshire

Best eLib Project Web Pages

In the spring, we held a competition for those eLib projects that had, to date, produced and mounted their own set of Web pages. Here, we announce the winner...

issue4 July 1996

browser, elib, jisc

Research Elsewhere

John Kirriemuir gives calls attention to articles describing research of interest elsewhere.

issue4 July 1996

database, digital library, e-learning, elib, framework, higher education, information retrieval, nhs, research

Mailing Lists: Keeping Up With eLib

We point out the advantages of being on the lis-elib mailing list, and briefly describe the other public eLib mailing lists currently in use.

issue3 May 1996

archives, copyright, elib, higher education, mailbase, omni project, research, search technology, sosig, url

Editorial Introduction to Issue 3

John Kirriemuir, Editor, introduces the Web version of Ariadne.

issue3 May 1996

archives, cache, dom, dublin core, metadata, research, search technology, software


Ariadne offers its readers a cartoon, poem, and caption competition.

issue3 May 1996

jisc, search technology, ukoln, university of bath

Editorial Introduction to Issue 2

John Kirriemuir introduces Ariadne issue 2.

issue2 March 1996

copyright, search technology

Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) Update

Recently, a wave of new projects under the umbrella of the Electronic Libraries Programme was announced. A consequence of this is that a large majority of the HE institutions in the UK are involved in at least one eLib project (is yours?), as well as many non HE organisations and institutions. Here, we give brief details of some of these new projects.

issue2 March 1996

acorn, archives, bangor university, bldsc, copyright, data, database, de montfort university, digimap, digitisation, elib, loughborough university, mailbase, midrib, multimedia, ordnance survey, research, seren, software, sosig, south bank university, thesaurus, university of edinburgh, university of leeds, university of southampton, university of surrey, university of the west of england, university of ulster

Netskills: A Major Training Programme

The Netskills Team explain how the need for training has never been greater.

issue2 March 1996

archives, data, elib, higher education, java, jisc, jisc information environment, mailbase, newcastle university, niss, research, search technology, sosig, university of hull, url, video, web browser

Down Your Very Long Way Away

We take a look at the library and networking facilities in more remote places around the world; in this issue, we feature the Faroe Islands.

issue2 March 1996

bbc, data, faroes, higher education, national library, research, search technology

Netskills eLib Project Launch

John Kirriemuir on the Netskills eLib project launch.

issue2 March 1996

cataloguing, copyright, elib, java, mailbase, newcastle university, search technology, sosig, university of leeds, url, video

Checkout Reviews

Summary of reviews available from this and other issues of Ariadne.

issue2 March 1996

archives, cd-rom, copyright, glasgow school of art, html, internet public library, library association, library of congress, research

eLib Starts to Deliver

Ariadne explains how the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), a key IT programme for academic libraries, is shaping up.

issue1 January 1996

database, digitisation, elib, higher education, infrastructure, jisc, research

The 4th WWW Conference in Boston

Debra Hiom and John Kirriemuir provide an informal report from the "cutting edge" of Web development.

issue1 January 1996

archives, ascii, browser, cache, data, html, identifier, java, licence, linux, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, oasis, oclc, preservation, research, resource discovery, software, sosig, sun microsystems, telnet, ukoln, university of kent, university of manchester, uri, url, w3c, web development


Resources of use to UK Library/Information Science people.

issue1 January 1996

copyright, d-lib magazine, database, elib, hefce, higher education, jisc, mailbase, niss, research, search technology, ukoln
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