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In Issue75 you will find the following feature articles:

As part of the 20th birthday celebrations for Ariadne, past and present editors Marieke Guy, Philip Hunter, John Kirriemuir, Jon Knight and Richard Waller look at how Ariadne came to be as part of the UK eLib programme, how else that programme changed the information landscape and what might happen soon.

Continuing with the theme of looking back at the progress that eLib made, JISC's Martin Hamilton reviews some of the impacts that the program had and what a similar "moonshot" funding injection might result in.

Tom Roper, Sam Burgess and Holly Case describe how they have made use of regular Twitter chats to network health library professionals using #ukmedlibs.

The Semantic Web may have issues with meaningful preservation, indexing and searching if the semantics behind terms drift over time. In Lost Words, Lost Worlds, Emma Tonkin examines this, and the allied problem of conversations within specific user communities disappearing as social media services close down.

Open Access is a hot topic at the moment, and Ariadne has always been an Open Access library journal. John Kirriemuir looks at the benefits of writing for Open Access journals, and provides a list of current ones in the library field.

Gareth Cole reviews the book Data Management for Researchers. Organize, maintain and share your data for research success by Kristin Briney. Marieke Guy describes the QEN Event: Embedding Digitial Literacies run by the QAA last year. Gary Brewerton reviews the Figshare Fest 2015 research data management event. Looking into the future, Lorna M. Campbell introduces the OER16 Open Culture event that will be held in April 2016 at Edinburgh University.

A screenshot of #ukmedlibs Twitter chat participants

Participants in the #ukmedlibs Twitter chat.

Monash's research data ecosystem diagram

Monash University's research data ecosystem diagram as shown at Figshare Fest 2015

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