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Feature articles from the most recent issue

In Issue 73 you will find the following feature articles:

Developing Adaptable, Efficient Mobile Library Services: Librarians as Enablers - Lizzie Caperon looks at user uptake of mobile devices and key requirements for Higher Education libraries

Visualising Building Access Data - Gary Brewerton and Jason Cooper describe how the imposition of visitor access control for safety purposes was developed into a useful management tool to measure library building usage.

The Value of Open Access Publishing to Health and Social Care Professionals in Ireland - Aoife Lawton and Eimear Flynn use the results from two recent surveys to explore how open access publishing may add value to a number of health and social care professionals and their work in the Irish health system.

Mining the Archives: Metadata Development and Implementation - Martin White takes us on a retrospective through Ariadne’s archives looking at the development of metadata over the last 20 or so years.

SUNCAT: Ten Years and Beyond- Celia Jenkins takes us through some of the plans and challenges facing SUNCAT, including mobile-friendly interface, geolocation of contributing libraries, and linkage to other services such as JUSP and the Keepers Registry.

Automating Harvest and Ingest of the Medical Heritage Library - Christy HenshawDave Thompson and João Baleia build on their earlier article discussing work on the UK-MHL project to digitise medical history texts using high levels of automation to the acquisition and processing of content.

In addition Issue 73 carries an event report as well as a book review

Image from the Wellcome Trusts Digitisation project, reported in Christy Henshaw and and colleagues' article Automating Harvest and Ingest of the Medical Heritage Library


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