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In Issue 74 you will find the following feature articles:

Ana Margarida Dias da Silva has an interesting piece on how social media such as Facebook is (or is not!) being used by municipal archives in Portugal to engage with their local communities. With the need for libraries, museums and archives to continually prove their worth to funders and politicians, looking at ways in which public participation in the activities of these organisations can be improved would seem to be a vital task.

Simon Barron’s article is a library systems administrator view of the implementation of the Kuali OLE at SOAS Library, University of London.  Kuali OLE is open source software which, along with Koha and Evergreen, are being increasingly used in libraries as a way to make budgets stretch further. Simon describes how the choice to go with Kuali OLE was made, how the library staff and patrons were engaged in the process and some of the issues to be wary of.
Digitization of text is a common problem in our fields, made harder when the source text is coming from older manuscripts that Optical Character Recognition (OCR) struggles with. Patrick Randall explains how games technology can be used to crowdsource improvements in the text captured from OCR software.  He provides details on how the games were made, how well the system worked and some of the pluses and minuses of crowdsourcing volunteer labour via this route.
In the UK, funding councils are pushing Universities to make sure that data supporting research results is made publicly available so that research results can be checked and built upon.  Gary Brewerton describes how Loughborough University has tackled this Research Data Management demand, using an innovative combination of two cloud service providers.
We have two book reviews in issue 74 as well.  John Kirriemuir has reviewed Understanding Gamification by Bohyun Kim, published by the American Library Association.  This book aims to provide a high quality introduction to the subject of gamification in libraries and learning spaces. Meanwhile Kevin Wilson has provided a review of Information 2.0: New models of information production, distribution and consumption by Martin de Saulles, published by Facet Publishing. This work looks at how we create information in our modern web based world, and then how that information is processed, shared and utilized by various actors, including the big corporations such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

An example of the texts that are being improved using crowdsourcing and gamification as described in Patrick Randall's "Purposeful Gaming: Work as Play"

Image from Biodiversity Heritage Library consortium showing raw digitized image and the resulting OCRed text. This OCR output can then be improved using crowdsourced game playing.

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