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Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 16

John Maccoll, Assistant Director of Information Services, University of Abertay, introduces Ariadne 16.

ARIADNE readers will be aware that this publication has been fully supported since its inception by JISC through the Electronic Libraries Programme. Initially funded only for two years, we were successful in obtaining a third year of eLib funding, allowing the publication to continue with its mission of featuring developments in networked information in the HE community and commissioning writing from key figures in the field. In the three years of our existence we have provided coverage of all of the major developments which have emanated from the Programme’s many projects, and provided a forum, both in print and on the Web, for individuals and teams working on projects to describe their work.

ARIADNE’s dual role made it unique within the Programme. In addition to exploring the role of parallel publication in the provision of professional awareness (the ‘project’ role, which is currently undergoing summative evaluation as the project lifespan nears its end), it also provided a reliable service to the HE LIS community, monitoring and reporting on developments from January 1996 until the present time. ARIADNE has appeared on schedule every two months. As a publication with a readership to respect, ARIADNE has been more than an experiment - it has been a real publication which, our feedback suggests, made a considerable impact upon the professional literature. In order for that rigorous schedule to be met, thanks are due to the editors of both print and Web editions, the Editorial Board and the people involved in the production chain, who have worked hard to ensure that quality and timeliness have been delivered with each successive issue.

Unfortunately, ARIADNE cannot be fully funded by JISC beyond this year, and so the November issue (number 18) will be the last. But the experience we in the ARIADNE team have gained over the last three years has convinced us that a parallel format magazine-style publication is a viable prospect. Accordingly, we are currently planning for a new, ambitious publication, which will serve networked information users both within and beyond the library. This publication will require to be established on a commercial basis, charging subscriptions, raising income through advertising, and seeking sponsorship. The planning and consultation phase is now well underway, and more information will appear in our next issue.

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John MacColl
Email: lbajam@tay.ac.uk