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Newsline: News You Can Use

Ariadne presents a brief summary of news and events.

Netskills has announced a change in its charging arrangements from 1 August 1998. JISC has agreed to fund the continued production of Netskills material at the level of 50% of current funding. This means that the system of making material available at a discount of 100% cannot be maintained after 31 July of this year. In connection with this Netskills has been consulting with interested parties to develop a suitable and simple site licensing arrangement for the training materials after the end of eLib funding. Netskills intends to use the reduced JISC funding to subsidise heavily the site licence fee for UK HE institutions. The url for the latest documentation is:

In September 1998 the National Preservation Office and Research Libraries Group will be sponsoring a conference on Guidelines for Digital Imaging. One of the features of this conference is that small groups of librarians and archivists from the UK and the US have been asked to prepare discussion documents on particular topics in advance so that attendees and others will have a chance to review and comment on them. These documents will be on the web this summer.

Julia Walworth (University of London Library), Janet Gertz (Columbia) and Paul Ayris (University College London), are drawing together thoughts, ideas and existing guidelines on selecting material for digital image capture. Anyone with practical knowledge or ideas about selection criteria is invited to contact Julia Walworth (not the list) at:
Special Collections/Rare Books, University of London Library
Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU
Email: jwalworth@ull.ac.uk

Details of the 1998 UCISA Web Awards can be found at http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/docs/webawa.htm. The application form will be available nearer the closing date of 30 September 1998. There are two awards, one for Teaching and Learning and one for Management Information/Business Systems. The categories are the same as last year, and each award is for £1000.

An email list, lis-nesli, has been set up at Mailbase to provide information about the UK National Electronic Site Licence Initiative (NESLI), and for discussion about the progress of NESLI. It is open to anyone interested in the development of NESLI. Initial information about NESLI can be found on the JISC web pages at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/progs/index.html#nesli