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Emma Place and Dave Boyd describe a new feature on SOSIG called 'Experts Choice', and report on upcoming events.

SOSIG Expert’s Choice

Which Web sites do leading social scientists find invaluable in their research? Find out by visiting the new Expert’s Choice section on SOSIG.

Experts from a range of disciplines and sectors were asked to recommend their favourite Web site and describe how they found the site useful. Over 30 experts are currently featured, with more being added all the time. SOSIG aims to highlight experts that students are likely to have heard of in their courses, with a view to inspiring a new generation of social scientists to use the Web.

Here are a few examples …

Frances Cairncross, Chair of the ESRC and Senior Editor on The Economist recommends:

the ESRC Web Site http://www.esrc.ac.uk/

”The best way to discover the huge range of social science research being undertaken in Britain, information on our Centres and the work they do and the various conferences and seminars we sponsor”.

The Rt.Hon. Charles Kennedy MP, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party recommends:

Guardian Unlimited http://www.guardian.co.uk

”This site is impressive because of its accessible layout, which is neither complex nor confusing. The site offers many interesting features; a favourite of mine would have to be the debate section entitled ‘The Talk’.

Evan Davis, economics editor of the BBC recommends:

International Monetary Fund http://www.imf.org

”I use it for the data which is available going back a long way on all countries. Try looking at the World Economics Outlook Database section”.

Dr Steven Pinker, Experimental Psychologist at MIT (author of “How the Mind Works”) recommends:

Cognet http://cognet.mit.edu

”A superb collection of materials on cognitive science, including cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy of mind, and evolutionary psychology”.

SOSIG lists experts for social sciences, business and law. To see what the Expert’s recommend in your subject area, go to:


SOSIG on Tour

SOSIG will be promoted at a number of social science events this year. Please look out for us / our literature at these events and find out what the service can offer you.

British Psychological Society Annual Conference 2002
PLAT 2002, Psychology Learning and Teaching
The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Exhibition
The British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2002
Business Education Support Team 2002 Annual Conference
British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies Annual Conference 2002
Online Conferentie 2002
Royal Economic Society 2002 Annual Conference
Political Studies Association Annual Conference for 2002
British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association 2002 Conference
International Association for Social Science Information Service & Technology

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