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Editorial Addendum to Issue 58: Ariadne Readers Survey

Richard Waller introduces the Ariadne survey.

Firstly if you have over-ridden your pop-up-suppressor or elected to complete the survey later, or indeed have already completed the survey, please accept my thanks. Having come across three requests in succession to complete a survey the other day, I am conscious of the cost in your time, though I have no doubt those surveys were all as important as Ariadne’s.

If, understandably enough, you are prevaricating, then let me point out that this survey is more the sort of rapid interview that seeks opinions rather than one that asks you to make numerical judgements across a whole swathe of aspects and elements of whatever you are being asked to assess. This survey comprises five questions and five text boxes; you can be as expansive or taciturn as you please. While in fact all the answers are optional, nothing is mandated, I have made it clear in the last question about your work and professional interests that there is no pressure to reply, although naturally the information is very useful to us. The information will remain private and will not be used for marketing purposes or shared attributively outside UKOLN.

I hope you will enjoy Issue 58.

Author Details

Richard Waller
Ariadne Editor

Email: ariadne@ukoln.ac.uk
Web site: http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/

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