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Engagement, Impact, Value Workshop

University of Manchester
Monday 24 May 2010

UKOLN and Mimas will be jointly running a workshop entitled Engagement, Impact, Value which will be held at the University of Manchester on Monday 24 May. The event will provide an opportunity to share and discuss ways in which service providers can engage with their user communities in order to enhance the impact of their work and maximise the value. The event is designed primarily for practitioners involved in JISC-funded work. The event will be of interest to colleagues with responsibility for demonstrating impact, promoting take-up of services, obtaining feedback from users and responding to such feedback.

For further information
Further details, together with access to the online booking form is available from the UKOLN Web site.

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CNI Conversations

Thursday 27 May 2010

The next session of CNI Conversations will take place on Thursday 27 May 2010, 1-2pm EST and is open to individuals at member institutions. If you are interested in participating in CNI Conversations, please contact Jackie Eudell at jackie@cni.org

CNI Conversations was last held on April 15; the archived audio recording of that discussion is now available at http://conversations.cni.org/ (to subscribe to the audio feed add http://conversations.cni.org/feed to iTunes, or any podcatcher). The April session included a recap of the CNI Spring 2010 Membership Meeting by CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch and Associate Director Joan Lippincott. Cliff also discussed the recent announcement by the Library of Congress to archive the Twitter database, an event on sustainable digital preservation held in Washington, DC on April 1st, and the e-journals summits convened by the National Academies, among other topics. Questions included the state of e-books with the advent of the iPad.

For further information contact Jackie Eudell at jackie@cni.org

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First DataCite Open Meeting

Hannover, Germany
7-8 June 2010

DataCite, the international consortium for the citation of research data, is holding its first open meeting 7-8 June 2010 in Hannover, Germany. Conference topics include metadata, peer-review, trustworthiness, best practice, and visualisation of data. DataCite, a federation currently of 12 major library or data members from nine countries, was founded in December 2009 to facilitate access to research data sets over the Internet as citable objects, using the DOI System.

The scope of this meeting is to allow data centres from all over the world to exchange experience and workflows concerning the handling of research data. The following subjects will be covered by international experts:

Programme: http://www.tib-hannover.de/fileadmin/datacite-summer-programme.html

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The LIS Research Coalition Conference 2010

British Library Conference Centre, London
Monday 28 June 2010: 10:30-16:15

The broad conference programme considers perspectives of the LIS research landscape. It will tackle issues relating to identifying LIS research opportunities; translating research outcomes into practice; growing research capacity amongst LIS professionals; and developing the future UK LIS research agenda.

The programme will appeal to all LIS research stakeholders from funders of LIS-related research activity through to those who publish LIS research output, as well as practitioner researchers and academics. With first-hand access to expert speakers and peers on the day, delegates will develop their knowledge of the LIS research landscape, including the work of the LIS Research Coalition, while also increasing their awareness of:

The opening keynote speaker, Professor Andrew Dillon of the University of Texas - an LIS researcher of international repute - will speak on international perspectives of UK LIS research. The closing keynote speaker, Loughborough University's Professor Charles Oppenheim - also an LIS researcher of international standing (and well-known to readers of Ariadne reviews) - will discuss how an examination of the evidence, value and impact of current LIS research can inform the future LIS research agenda.

Afternoon break-out sessions will be led by a number of experts with research experience in public, academic, special and corporate libraries; the health service; business; publishing; consulting; training; charities and Higher Education.

Further information:
The conference venue is the British Library's state of the art Conference Centre

Located in central London, the British Library Conference Centre is within easy walking distance of three mainline railway stations - St Pancras (Eurostar terminal), Euston and King's Cross - and six Underground rail lines, and is thus at the heart of the UK and European transportation network.

The conference fee is £100 inclusive of VAT (£85.10 + £14.90 VAT).

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Tipping the scales: tackling information obesity to ensure productive and sustainable information resources

A joint UKeiG/BDA Knowledge Management meeting
British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street , London W1G 8YS
Tuesday 29 June 2010, 9.30 - 16.30

Course Outline

"Information obesity" describes a condition whereby available information resources are not being used in a productive and sustainable way by individuals or communities. Like physical obesity, it is not just the result of consuming too much, but is linked to declines in the information's quality, and individuals' and communities' awareness of problems which arise through over-consumption. Fitness and (mental) exercise also come into play. The consequences of information obesity may be severe if left unchecked; it will lead to a decline in our ability to manage knowledge, both in our communities and our workplaces.

As a teaching strategy, information literacy (IL) can partly help to combat the condition. However, as traditionally defined, IL does not address the ways in which the structure of organisations and our own innate cognitive biases prevent us acting as independent and self-aware evaluators of the information we find. This course will help participants understand these biases and how, through work at the community level, they may be overcome, in order that we start using information to sustain ourselves and our communities, and not just consume it unthinkingly.

This one-day course will include time for plenty of discussion and practical activity. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences with others and also to build a network of practice after the event. Sessions will include:

Who should attend?

Anyone working with information in formal, non-formal or informal education, who has an interest in enhancing their teaching of information studies and/or knowledge management, to students or to colleagues as part of their professional development work. This includes:

Course Presenter

Dr Andrew Whitworth is the Programme Director for the MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education at the University of Manchester. He has published widely in the field of information literacy including the 2009 book with Chandos, "Information Obesity". His "Media and Information Literacy" course at Manchester was recognised by the LLIDA (Learning Literacies for a Digital Age) project as an exemplar of learning literacies education.

To register your interest in this meeting, reserve a place, or request further details, please email meetings@ukeig.org.uk or visit the UKeiG website at http://www.ukeig.org.uk

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Bookings Now Open for the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010

IMWMW 2010: The Web In Turbulent Times
University of Sheffield
12 - 14 July 2010

Bookings are now open for Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010 to be held from Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 July 2010 at the University of Sheffield. The cost is £350 for the 3-day event. The price includes two nights ensuite accommodation, all food and materials included. You will need to choose your parallel sessions from the workshop programme and the session abstracts when booking.

The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions. The Institutional Web Management Workshop series is organised by UKOLN in order to support members of institutional Web management teams within the UK Higher and Further Education communities and related organisations.

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Ticer's International Summer School "Digital Libraries à la Carte"

Tilburg University, the Netherlands
26 – 30 July 2010

From 26 – 30 July 2010, Ticer's international summer school "Digital Libraries à la Carte" will be held at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. You can take your choice from a completely renewed 'menu' of five one-day modules.

Learn about:

The course is designed for library managers/directors, deputy librarians, library middle management, digital library project managers, IT/systems librarians, IT specialists, information specialists, research librarians, teaching and learning support staff, and publishers and researchers.

High-profile speakers will present their views. Below is just a small selection:

This course is recommended by LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries), SURFfoundation, JISC, DEFF (Denmark's Electronic Research Library), CBU/KUB (the conference of university libraries in Switzerland), Helsinki University Library, and NFF (Norwegian Association of Special Libraries).

Further information:
Further details are available from

The course brochure is available on our Web site at http://www.tilburguniversity.nl/ticer/2010/Ticerbrochure2010.pdf

Or contact: Ms Jola Prinsen, Manager Ticer
Tilburg University, Library and IT Services
P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 13 466 8310, fax +31 13 466 8383

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CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference

University of Exeter
13 - 15 September 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining? Changes in cataloguing in 'interesting times'.

What are cataloguers doing to get through these days of recession and financial stringency? Some of us are under clouds and some of us are computing in them. The 2010 Cataloguing and Indexing Group conference will look at the pressures facing the cataloguing community and how people are working through them. Some current developments may have come out of difficult circumstances but may signal the way of the future. e.g. Management initiatives (reducing cost, increasing efficiency, doing more with less, etc); cataloguing developments and changes automated metadata extraction, harvesting, re-purposing and re-use); technical developments (shared services, cloud solutions, vertical search, etc); new standards and protocols (not just RDA!); standardisation.

Learning Aims and Objectives

For further information:
Programme : http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/events/CIG/2010/conf-exeter/programme/

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7th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (IPRES 2010)

19 - 24 September 2010
Vienna, Austria

The Austrian National Library and the Vienna University of Technology are pleased to host the International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES2010) in Vienna in September 2010. iPRES2010 will be the seventh in the series of annual international conferences that bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore the latest trends, innovations, and practices in preserving our digital heritage.

Digital Preservation and Curation is evolving from a niche activity to an established practice and research field that involves various disciplines and communities. iPRES2010 will re-emphasise that preserving our scientific and cultural digital heritage requires integration of activities and research across institutional and disciplinary boundaries to adequately address the challenges in digital preservation. iPRES2010 will further strengthen the link between digital preservation research and practitioners in memory institutions and scientific data centres.

iPRES 2010 is jointly organised by:

For further information:
Contact: ipres2010@ifs.tuwien.ac.at

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Pew Report on the Fate of the Semantic Web

Clifford Lynch, Director, CNI advises that the Pew Internet and American Life Project has recently issued a report that 'compiles a substantial number of well-informed views on this issue'. The report, and ancillary materials, can be found at:http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/Semantic-Web.aspx

[Source: CNI]

[Received: May 2010]
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Train Online! New Planets Training Materials Available

The final Digital Preservation – The Planets Way event took place in Rome in April. Over 200 people have attended the series of five events since May 2009. To complement the face-to-face training and introduce Planets to people who were unable to attend, a set of online training materials is now available to download from the Planets Web site.

The basic set of resources takes around five hours to complete and comprises:
Seven narrated presentations provide an introduction to digital preservation, the risk management case for devising a preservation strategy and Planets tools and services.-

A set of technical summaries produced by Planets industry partner, IBM, providing an overview of Planets tools and services for technical support and developer staff - plus an annotated initial and further reading list on the principles of digital preservation and how Planets helps to tackle preservation challenges.

To start the training, please visit: http://www.planets-project.eu/training-materials

Thanks are due to the speakers and Raymond van Diessen of IBM who have contributed so much to the development of these resources.

Further information:
To comment or ask a question, please e-mail us at: info@planets-project.eu
Please also forward this onto colleagues who may be interested.

[Source: Planets Project]

[Received: May 2010]
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CILIP Launches Guidelines on User Privacy

CILIP has launched its guidelines User Privacy in Libraries. The guidelines have been developed to help staff working in library and information services tackle complex confidentiality and privacy issues. Such issues include data sharing, the Internet, children, CCTV and what rights police and other security agencies have to demand access to the personal information of users.

The guidelines were developed following concern that the number of interventions by police and security services seeking confidential information about library users was increasing. CILIP ran a surveillance survey, which indicated this was not the case, but it did reveal a number of places lacking a policy covering this area and a need for advice and guidance.

Margaret Watson, who led the work on privacy and is chair of CILIP's Ethics Panel, commented on the guidelines, 'Most institutions will have policies relating to the confidentiality of personal information but that doesn't absolve the practitioner from individual responsibility. Under CILIP's Ethical Principles each practitioner has to show "Respect for confidentiality and privacy in dealing with information users". The guidelines will help them in this and, where there are worries about existing practice members must raise the issue in an appropriate manner'.

[Source: CILIP]

[Received: March 2010]
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A Roma Journey: Europeana Supports New Web Exhibition from The European Library

Europeana invites the public to uncover the Roma's rich cultural heritage through a ground breaking multilingual online exhibition http://www.theeuropeanlibrary.org/exhibition/roma_journey/eng/index.html

The display is organised by The European Library which is channelling digitised content from Europe's national and research libraries into Europeana. Visitors to A Roma Journey can view a unique collection of full-text books, rare manuscripts, photographs, paintings, sound recordings and videos from the world of the Roma.

Rarities on offer include the first ever dictionary written in Romani-Serbian-German in a concentration camp, traditional songs and tales, postcards and letters exploring the experiences of one Roma family in Scandinavia. In addition to highlighting Roma culture, A Roma Journey provides a glimpse of the type of virtual exhibitions that will be available on Europeana in the future. Europeana is working with The European Library to develop virtual exhibitions, including some with curatorial interpretation, for the Europeana.eu portal http://europeana.eu/

[Source: Europeana]

[Received: March 2010]
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Scientists Seeking NSF Funding Will Soon Be Required to Submit Data Management Plans

NSF has issued a press release addressing the discussions at last week's National Science Board meeting regarding upcoming requirements for data management plans. See http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=116928&org=NSF&from=news

[Source: CNI]

[Received: May 2010]
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French Records Further Enrich WorldCat as Global Resource

There are now more than 16.3 million French records in WorldCat, following completion of batchloading projects from the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), Système Universitaire de documentation (Sudoc) and the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon (BM Lyon).

In 2009, the BnF and ABES, the agency that manages the Sudoc database for French universities, signed an agreement with OCLC to load their records and holdings information into WorldCat. OCLC then processed more than 8.8 million records for BnF and over 7.9 million records for ABES. The Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, the second largest public library in France, contributed more than 1.3 million records to WorldCat.

With these projects complete, there are now more than 16.3 million French-language records in WorldCat. Just as the total number of WorldCat records has grown substantially in recent years to 175 million, the percentage of French-language records has also increased from 6.2 percent in 2007 to 9.6 percent in 2010.

"By agreeing to join WorldCat through Sudoc, French academic libraries show that national choices are compatible with an international strategy," said Raymond Bérard, Director of ABES. "We gain visibility through WorldCat while working on a national cataloguing platform based on CBS (metadata management system). ABES is confident that working more closely with other libraries inside the OCLC cooperative will benefit the French library community as well as other libraries in Europe and beyond."

In addition to the more academically focused content of the Sudoc libraries, the BnF and BM Lyon have contributed an extensive quantity of French content to WorldCat of a more diverse, general, cultural and historical nature. As keeper of five centuries of cultural heritage, the Bibliothèque nationale de France collects, catalogues, preserves and enriches this national heritage via legal deposit and acquisitions.

The Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon offers extensive collections for wide audiences. A dynamic public library, it was founded by the City of Lyon in the 16th century as the library of its renowned Collège de la Trinité and became widely open to the public in 1765, 24 years before the French Revolution, when it was transformed into a repository for all local collections. It therefore encompasses 15 centuries of knowledge starting with the Merovingian times. Its printed heritage is worthy of the city's role as a major centre of printing in the Renaissance.

"We think that it is a major asset for our public library to be visible in WorldCat," said Patrick Bazin, Library Director at the BM Lyon. "Not just for the more common types of materials, but especially because more than half of our 3 million documents are rare materials, either books or visual and special collections."

Further information:
OCLC http://www.oclc.org/
WorldCat http://www.oclc.org/worldcat/

[Source: OCLC]

[Received: April 2010]
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