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The editor invites readers to let Ariadne know what they think about the Magazine.

Since I most certainly do not flatter myself that everyone invariably drops into the Editorial, whether they dip into the occasional issue of Ariadne or mark out several articles for train reading every time, I am writing briefly about the survey designed for Ariadne readers, which is accessible via this link:
Ariadne reader survey

Moves are afoot to give Ariadne some effort towards improvements in your experience of the publication and I cannot emphasise enough the value I place on suggestions and comments from you. I am very keen to know what readers value and dislike in Ariadne. It goes without saying that neither your nor my wish-list is likely to be completely fulfilled, such is the nature of developmental work, but the suggestions of readers carry weight in any such exercise and this is your opportunity to give me the benefit of your perspective on the publication. While of course much of the enquiry is drawn towards readers’ preferences from a technological standpoint, please do note that I am also keen to know what sort of material you would like to read if you could wave a magic wand, or just persuade a colleague to write up their excellent work on something. Let us know your thoughts, whether very general like more on (whichever topic you choose) or specific with a potential contributor’s name and area of work.

I do realise how busy practitioners are these days and I have deliberately designed a questionnaire that can be completed in minutes if you can spare only a little time, though if you can tarry long enough to give us your written thoughts on some if not all aspects of the survey, that expansion is that much more helpful. While you are free to complete the survey anonymously if you wish, I would greatly welcome a few details on your professional background in the second and last page since information on your area of work and interest does provide a much sharper perspective on your opinions. Finally, my thanks if you do have the time to help me out; equally no hard feelings if you are once more impossibly busy right now!
Ariadne reader survey

If in doubt, do please contact me.

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Richard Waller
Ariadne Editor

Email: ariadne@ukoln.ac.uk
Web site: http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/

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