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Another Piece of Cake? feature article anders ardo, ann-sofie zettergren, archives, cataloguing, database, dcmi, digital library, dissemination, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, feature article, gopher, graphics, information retrieval, infrastructure, lund university, metadata, oai, opac, portfolio, research, rss, safari, search technology, sigfrid lundberg, software, udc, url, urn, z39.50, issue32 issue32
Anoraks and cardigans (2): New Text Search Engines, Bath, April 1996 event report event report, issue3, nigel ford, ocr, research, search technology, thesaurus issue3
Ancient World, Digital World: Excavation at Halif feature article adobe, archives, data, database, dissemination, feature article, graphics, identifier, microsoft, mis, paul jacobs, photoshop, quicktime, research, standards, url, windows, issue27 issue27
Ancient Cultures Inside Modern Universes feature article amazon, archives, blog, cree, database, digital archive, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, ebook, edgardo civallero, feature article, flickr, framework, ict, imperial college london, infrastructure, mis, mp3, multimedia, open access, portal, preservation, repositories, research, standards, stanford university, taxonomy, university of oxford, vocabularies, wiki, wikipedia, youtube, issue54 issue54
An Overview of Subject Gateway Activities in Australia feature article aggregation, ahds, algorithm, apple, archives, australian national university, cataloguing, copyright, data, data set, database, debbie campbell, distributed systems technology centre, dublin core, eevl, ejournal, electronic theses, feature article, framework, ftp, heriot-watt university, higher education, html, identifier, ilrt, imperial college london, ims, information retrieval, intellectual property, interoperability, jisc, lcsh, ldap, mac os, metadata, monash university, national library, national library of australia, pics, queensland university of technology, repositories, research, resource description, resource discovery, resource sharing, schema, search technology, software, sosig, standards, subject gateway, telnet, thesaurus, ukoln, university of bath, university of cambridge, university of melbourne, university of queensland, url, z39.50, issue21 issue21
An Investigation Into World Wide Web Search Engine Use from within the UK: Preliminary Findings feature article blog, cache, copyright, data, data set, feature article, gif, graphics, jisc, jpeg, repositories, research, search technology, simon stobart, susan kerridge, ukerna, university of sunderland, url, issue6 issue6
An Introduction to Web Services feature article authentication, copyright, digital library, feature article, ibm, infrastructure, intellectual property, interoperability, metadata, microsoft, resource discovery, search technology, service registry, soap, software, standards, tracy gardner, uddi, url, w3c, web services, wsdl, xml, issue29 issue29
An Introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU) feature article api, browser, cataloguing, cql, data, database, digital library, dtd, dublin core, emory university, eric lease morgan, feature article, google, identifier, information architecture, library management systems, marc, metadata, mets, mods, national science foundation, oai, oai-pmh, oclc, perl, plain text, repositories, rss, schema, search technology, secure shell, sfx, soap, sru, srw, ssh, standards, stylesheet, telnet, university of notre dame, uri, url, vocabularies, web services, xhtml, xml, xml schema, xsl, xslt, issue40 issue40
An IMS Generator for the Masses feature article accessibility, chris dunlop, copyright, data, database, david palmer, feature article, html, ims, ims enterprise, java, jisc, kelvin hai, managed learning environment, mobile, programming language, rdbms, sql, standards, stylesheet, university of east anglia, uportal, url, wireless, xml, xsl, xslt, issue36 issue36
An End User's View feature article bibliographic data, browser, copac, data set, database, edina, feature article, graphics, internet explorer, java, jisc, oliver de peyer, opac, research, search technology, standards, university of reading, z39.50, issue14 issue14
An Awfully Big Adventure: Strathclyde's Digital Library Plan feature article archives, blog, born digital, cataloguing, copyright, data, derek law, digital asset management, digital library, digitisation, ebook, ejournal, feature article, google, google books, institutional repository, marc, rae, repositories, research, search technology, software, university college london, university of strathclyde, wiki, issue58 issue58
An Attack on Professionalism and Scholarship? Democratising Archives and the Production of Knowledge feature article ahrc, alt, andrew flinn, archives, archives hub, blog, cataloguing, curation, data, digitisation, dissemination, feature article, framework, identifier, mla, preservation, repositories, research, smithsonian institution, the national archives, university college london, university of manchester, university of oxford, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia, issue62 issue62
Alta Vista Vs. Lycos feature article cataloguing, database, feature article, foi, hypertext, issue2, search technology, software, standards, tracey stanley, url issue2
ALPSP Conference event report accessibility, archives, blog, cataloguing, copyright, curation, data, event report, intellectual property, jisc information environment, kara jones, licence, open access, preservation, privacy, rae, repositories, research, resource management, search technology, university of bath, university of cambridge, university of manchester, web 2.0, web services, wiki, issue52 issue52
Allerton 1996 event report british library, clare davies, copyright, digital library, event report, hypertext, indiana university, information retrieval, library of congress, perseus, research, search technology, software, standards, university of illinois, windows, issue6 issue6
ALISS: Academic Librarians in the Social Sciences event report canterbury christ church university, cataloguing, christine dugdale, copyright, digitisation, event report, research, sheffield hallam university, standards, university of the highlands and islands, university of the west of england, university of wales, video, issue21 issue21
ALA '98 event report american library association, bibliographic data, browser, cataloguing, copyright, database, doi, dublin core, event report, html, ian winship, identifier, iso, jstor, library of congress, licence, microsoft, niso, oclc, privacy, research, search technology, telnet, university of arizona, university of northumbria at newcastle, university of wisconsin, usability, issue17 issue17
AGORA: The Hybrid Library from a User's Perspective feature article agora, amazon, bath spa university, bibliographic data, bridget robinson, cataloguing, cerlim, collection description, d-lib magazine, data, database, david palmer, dner, dtd, elib, feature article, heriot-watt university, jisc, library management systems, metadata, repositories, research, resource discovery, rslp, schema, search technology, software, thesaurus, ukoln, university of bath, university of east anglia, university of hull, url, xml, z39.50, issue26 issue26
Agora: From Information Maze to Market feature article aggregation, agora, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, bridget robinson, cataloguing, cerlim, collection description, data, database, david palmer, digital library, dissemination, dner, elib, feature article, framework, higher education, iso, jisc, library management systems, metadata, multimedia, perseus, rdf, research, rosemary russell, schema, search technology, software, standards, streaming, tufts university, ukoln, university of bath, university of east anglia, url, w3c, z39.50, issue24 issue24
After the Big Bang: The Forces of Change and E-Learning feature article archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, chcc, copyright, data, digitisation, dner, e-learning, ebook, elib, feature article, framework, further education, hefce, heron, higher education, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, licence, metadata, multimedia, pete johnston, portal, privacy, repositories, research, resource discovery, sconul, software, ukoln, url, video, issue27 issue27


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