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Article title Article type All taxonomy terms Issue number
Handling MARC With PERL tooled up aacr2, api, apple, bibliographic data, cataloguing, data, dublin core, elib, ftp, graphics, isbd, jon knight, library of congress, loughborough university, marc, metadata, multimedia, opac, perl, programming language, research, search technology, software, standards, tooled up, video, z39.50, issue7 issue7
The British Libraries Private Finance Initiative regular column bldsc, british library, data, digital library, framework, intellectual property, opac, philip hunter, portico, regular column, research, issue7 issue7
Public Libraries Corner: Life After the Millenium Bid regular column british library, data, graphics, library management systems, microsoft, regular column, research, sarah ormes, issue7 issue7
Copyright Issues in Projects Funded by the Electronic Libraries Programme regular column bbc, charles oppenheim, copyright, data, database, elib, higher education, hypertext, intellectual property, jisc, licence, machine-readable data, multimedia, object database, regular column, research, sgml, url, issue7 issue7
Web Access for the Disabled regular column archives, cataloguing, cathy murtha, copyright, database, digital library, gopher, graphics, java, library catalogs, opac, regular column, research, search technology, software, issue7 issue7
Wire: Interview with Nick Gibbins regular column accessibility, alt, browser, elib, ftp, gopher, hypertext, information retrieval, internet explorer, interoperability, java, javascript, mobile, nick gibbins, pics, regular column, research, search technology, software, university of cambridge, university of edinburgh, web browser, xml, issue7 issue7
Intelligent Searching Agents on the Web regular column browser, database, hypertext, jisc, regular column, research, search technology, software, tracey stanley, university of leeds, web browser, windows, issue7 issue7
OMNI Corner regular column database, eevl, elib, mrc, regular column, software, subject gateway, sue welsh, url, issue7 issue7
Down Your Way: Durham regular column archives, ascii, cataloguing, database, ead, elib, gis, gopher, graphics, jisc, newcastle university, niss, opac, paul miller, regular column, research, search technology, sgml, university of durham, web services, issue7 issue7
View from the Hill regular column elib, higher education, john kelleher, john maccoll, regular column, research, video, issue7 issue7
Minotaur regular column access control, browser, database, framework, graphics, internet explorer, microsoft, mike holderness, regular column, search technology, url, w3c, web browser, issue7 issue7
Burnside Writes regular column archives, data, john burnside, regular column, search technology, issue7 issue7
Around the Table: Health and Medicine - What Can Medics Get Out of the Internet? regular column british medical association, edina, elib, mrc, regular column, research, search technology, subject gateway, sue welsh, issue7 issue7
Interface: Les Carr Interview regular column archives, browser, data, database, elib, framework, hypertext, ian budden, les carr, regular column, research, search technology, steve hitchcock, web browser, issue7 issue7
Cartoon odds and ends alt, gif, malcolm campbell, odds and ends, ukoln, issue7 issue7
Sideline: Nick Hornby Made Me Do It.. odds and ends apple, cataloguing, elib, mobile, mobile phone, odds and ends, research, sarah ashton, issue7 issue7
Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 8 editorial d-lib magazine, digital library, dissemination, editorial, elib, higher education, ifla, infrastructure, john kirriemuir, research, ukoln, university of bath, issue8 issue8
Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 8 editorial cataloguing, editorial, elib, infrastructure, jisc, john maccoll, metadata, research, resource discovery, issue8 issue8
Formats for the Electronic Library feature article accessibility, adobe, aiff, apple, archives, ascii, avi, bibliographic data, browser, copyright, d-lib magazine, data, database, digital library, dissemination, document format, dtd, ejournal, elib, elsevier, feature article, file format, flash, ftp, gif, gopher, graphics, html, hypertext, imperial college london, institute of physics, internet explorer, iso, java, javascript, jpeg, judith wusteman, latex, licence, microsoft, mpeg, multimedia, oclc, operating system, plain text, png, programming language, quicktime, realaudio, sgml, software, standardisation, standards, streaming, sun microsystems, tiff, ukoln, university college dublin, university of chicago, university of illinois, university of pennsylvania, video, w3c, wav, web browser, windows, xml, yale university, issue8 issue8
Reaching the OPAC: Java Telnet feature article bill drew, birkbeck college, browser, cataloguing, feature article, free software, gnu, html, internet explorer, java, javascript, licence, morrisville state college, named entity recognition, opac, research, search technology, software, telnet, university of london, url, windows, z39.50, zip, issue8 issue8


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