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The Third Annual edUi Conference 2011 event report accessibility, aggregation, android, archives, blog, browser, cataloguing, css, danielle cooley, data, event report, framework, google, google docs, google maps, graphics, happy cog, higher education, html, html5, kansas state university, metadata, microsoft, mis, mobile, research, responsive design, search technology, twitter, university of virginia, usability, video, web standards, widget, wikipedia, windows, xhtml, youtube, issue68 issue68
Editorial: Welcome to New Ariadne editorial drupal, editorial, richard waller, issue68 issue68
Editorial Introduction to Issue 68 editorial aggregation, archives, blog, british library, cataloguing, clif, content management, copyright, creative commons, data, data citation, data set, depositmo, digital repositories, digitisation, dissemination, doi, editorial, eprints, facebook, fedora commons, foi, framework, higher education, hydra, ict, identifier, information retrieval, instant messaging, institutional repository, jisc, library management systems, lucene, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, ms word, multimedia, national academy of sciences, ocr, oer, opac, open source, opendoar, openurl, preservation, repositories, repositories support project, research, resource description, resource discovery, richard waller, royal holloway, rsp, rss, sakai, search technology, second life, sfx, sharepoint, software, solr, standardisation, sword protocol, taxonomy, twitter, vufind, web 2.0, wordpress, xml, issue68 issue68
Collaborations Workshop 2012: Software, Sharing and Collaboration in Oxford event report blog, copyright, curation, data, dissemination, event report, framework, genetic algorithm, licence, machine learning, national grid service, open access, open source, repositories, research, sheffield hallam university, simon choppin, software, software sustainability institute, twitter, university of oxford, university of sheffield, video, web 2.0, issue68 issue68
Moving Ariadne: Migrating and Enriching Content with Drupal tooled up apache, api, archives, bibliographic data, content licence, content management, css, data, data set, database, datagovuk, drupal, framework, further education, gnu, graphics, higher education, html, ibm, identifier, jquery, json, licence, linux, metadata, microsoft, mysql, open source, perl, php, preservation, python, rdf, repositories, research, rss, search technology, software, sql server, sqlite, standards, taxonomy, thom bunting, tooled up, ukoln, university of bath, usability, video, visualisation, web 2.0, wikipedia, xml, issue69 issue69
Walk-in Access to e-Resources at the University of Bath tooled up access control, accessibility, authentication, browser, cataloguing, cilip, collection development, data, database, dublin core, ejournal, firefox, higher education, infrastructure, institutional repository, intranet, kate robinson, laurence lockton, ldap, library management systems, licence, lizz jennings, opac, open source, opera, operating system, passwords, research, resource discovery, resource management, robert gordon university, sconul, smartphone, solaris, tooled up, ucisa, university of bath, url, usability, web browser, wiki, windows, issue69 issue69
Enhancing Collaboration and Interaction in a Post-graduate Research Programme feature article archives, authentication, bibliographic data, blackboard, blackboard learning system, blog, collection development, copyright, data, data mining, database, digital preservation, dissemination, electronic theses, elsevier, facebook, feature article, google, harvard university, ibm, ict, ifla, information society, knowledge management, mobile learning, open access, passwords, podcast, privacy, refworks, research, search technology, software, standards, tertia coetsee, twitter, university of cambridge, university of melbourne, university of pretoria, web 2.0, wiki, issue69 issue69
Evaluation of Assessment Diaries and GradeMark at the University of Glamorgan feature article alice lau, blackboard, blog, data, database, dissemination, feature article, higher education, internet explorer, jisc, karen fitzgibbon, research, software, university of glamorgan, vle, issue69 issue69
Redeveloping the Loughborough Online Reading List System tooled up access control, ajax, api, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, blog, cache, chrome, cookie, data, database, digital library, e-learning, framework, gary brewerton, gnu, google, google books, gpl, harvard university, html, jason cooper, javascript, jon knight, jquery, json, library management systems, licence, loughborough university, metadata, microsoft, moodle, mysql, open source, perl, refworks, restful, schema, shibboleth, soap, software, sql, standards, tooled up, web browser, xml, z39.50, zip, issue69 issue69
Launching a New Community-owned Content Service feature article aggregation, archives, british library, caren milloy, cataloguing, data, data mining, database, ebook, edina, feature article, further education, google, graphics, higher education, jisc, jisc collections, licence, marc, metadata, middlesex university, mimas, multimedia, ocr, open access, optical character recognition, passwords, portfolio, preservation, provenance, research, research information network, resource discovery, schema, search technology, ubird, issue69 issue69
Wikipedia: Reflections on Use and Acceptance in Academic Environments feature article algorithm, amazon, augmented reality, bbc, brian whalley, creative commons, data, database, ebook, feature article, further education, hea, higher education, ipad, iphone, jisc, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mobile, oer, open access, oxford university press, portal, research, search technology, semantic web, software, university of exeter, university of oxford, university of sheffield, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia, issue69 issue69
Book Review: Getting Started with Cloud Computing review american library association, apple, cloud computing, content management, data, eduserv, google, information retrieval, infrastructure as a service, intranet, intranet focus ltd, ipad, jisc, martin white, microsoft office, mobile, oclc, privacy, review, search technology, sharepoint, software, university of cambridge, university of sheffield, issue69 issue69
Book Review: Mob Rule Learning review archives, blog, fiona maclellan, hashtag, research, review, search technology, twitter, university of northampton, web resources, issue69 issue69
Book Review: Managing Research Data review archives, bbc, blog, bodleian libraries, curation, data, data citation, data management, data set, datacite, dcc, doi, foi, framework, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, jisc, oais, repositories, research, review, sally rumsey, social networks, university of oxford, wiki, issue69 issue69
Book Review: Implementing Technology in Libraries review amazon, ebook, elizabeth mchugh, further education, higher education, licence, research, resource discovery, review, university of the highlands and islands, issue69 issue69
Book Review: Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching review framework, research, review, swinburne university of technology, wajeehah aayeshah, issue69 issue69
Book Review: I, Digital – A History Devoid of the Personal? review archives, bibliographic data, british library, chris rusbridge, curation, data, dcc, digital library, digital preservation, digital repositories, ebook, elib, facebook, internet explorer, jisc, mis, national library of australia, preservation, privacy, repositories, research, review, social web, twitter, university of glasgow, university of oxford, university of virginia, web services, wikipedia, wordpress, youtube, issue69 issue69
The Second British Library DataCite Workshop event report alex ball, apache, application profile, archives, british library, cataloguing, content management, data, data citation, data management, data set, database, datacite, dcc, digital curation, doi, dublin core, event report, foaf, identifier, infrastructure, intellectual property, iso, marc, metadata, oais, ontologies, portal, preservation, prism, rdf, repositories, research, schema, science and technology facilities council, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of oxford, url, issue69 issue69
JISC Research Information Management: CERIF Workshop event report blog, cerif, cornell university, curation, data, data model, data set, devcsi, dublin core, edina, elsevier, eurocris, event report, file format, framework, hefce, higher education, identifier, imperial college london, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, metadata, ontologies, open access, open source, orcid, repositories, research, research information management, rosemary russell, schema, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of huddersfield, university of oxford, university of st andrews, vocabularies, wikipedia, xml, issue69 issue69
Eduserv Symposium 2012: Big Data, Big Deal? event report accessibility, algorithm, amazon, big data, blog, cetis, cloud computing, curation, data, data management, data set, database, dcc, dealing with data, digitisation, eduserv, event report, gis, google, google analytics, google trends, hadoop, higher education, impact project, infrastructure, intellectual property, internet explorer, irods, jisc, learning analytics, marieke guy, mobile, nosql, oer, open data, open source, orcid, oreilly, oxford internet institute, remote working, research, twitter, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of california berkeley, university of leicester, university of oxford, usb, webtrends, wellcome trust, issue69 issue69


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